October 2021

Something in the way of things
Each sunrise anew
Beginning, an end to the promise of peace
You so badly wanted to believe
Move through the shit-stained streets
Dawn a new beginning, luscofusco
They say, no one dares say longer
As they long for forward for
More and better and greater
What exactly?????? No idea
That grand ball of heat of
Scorching sweat, illuminating
Piss patches on walls as
Public toilets have been economized on, cut the costs
Cut the bullshit
The tightening grasp around your neck, choking
You confuse gasping for air with breathing
And those eyes illuminated
Will never die, rather raise
Their voices at phantom night skies
Throw bottles at friends possessed
By a devil of our own creation
They know of cycles
That great ball of eternal energy never sought greatness
Never knew dreams, we speak
Of expanding consciousness
Encapsulating that grand unreachable into
Measures of static death
Those who dance on the corpses of capitalism
Are lost causes, cannot be
Re-integrated, rather Red Cross food aid
To keep their bodies somewhat grounded
Like the sun they will rise
As with the sun, you
Will not see